Aerial Sprays

Price: Free

To make the most efficacious application to a field or orchard, the Aerial Sprays app allows users to select specific operational parameters (such as spray nozzle type, spray pressure, airspeed, etc.) that will result in spray droplet sizes that produce maximum on-target deposition of the applied product with minimal off-target movement. USDA's Aerial Application Technology team developed a series of computer models that easily allow applicators to predict the resulting spray droplet size parameters using their selected operational parameters. 

There are currently 19 nozzle models available for use (10 for nozzles for fixed-wing aircraft and 9 for nozzles used for helicopters). The fixed-wing models are applicable for airspeed ranges from 100-160 mph, while the rotary-wing models are applicable for airspeeds from 30-100 mph. These models have been available and widely used for a number of years as a series of downloadable spreadsheets. This app adds additional functionality through the increased mobility and a streamlined interface.

The spray nozzle models provide applicators with estimates of spray droplet size based on four input parameters that are set by the user, including nozzle orifice size, nozzle orientation, spray pressure, and airspeed.

Using the user-specified values for these parameters, the models return results that are time and date stamped and can be saved to the your device and/or emailed.