Android Bodyguard

Price: $1.25

The Android Bodyguard app is designed to help you get proper emergency assistance quickly with a series of "modes" designed for various situations.

  • Road Mode will protect you while you drive in your car, triggering automatically if an impact is detected (by means of the accelerometer) or manually, via Panic Button.
  • Home Mode will protect those who live alone in case of domestic accident, triggering automatically if a fall is detected (by means of the accelerometer), or manually, via Panic Button, and by means of a Passive Alarm which has to be turned off daily at a certain time of the day.
  • Street Mode will protect you when you walk alone, and is oriented to avoid attacks and is triggered manually, if you feel unsafe, via Panic Button.
  • Intruder Mode will protect you if somebody tries to break into your house. It is oriented to avoid attacks and is triggered manually if you feel unsafe via Panic Button.
  • Lifeline Mode, possibly the most useful mode for farm use, will protect you if you expect to be at risk where there is no cell phone signal. Lifeline Mode is designed to stay behind and call out for you automatically after a customized countdown expires, but it also be triggered manually via Panic Button.