ScoutPro Corn

Price: $29.99

ScoutPro, a business started by three College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students at Iowa State University, has released the ScoutPro Corn app.

ScoutPro Corn is a mobile field scouting app that allows users to scout and identify weeds, insects, disease and disorders while in the field. Users are then able to upload important field data, images and notes to generate field specific scouting reports.

The app features a step-by-step identification process, helping users narrow down pest by identifying attributes, and provides multiple, high quality photos of identified pests along with pest’s background, life cycle and threshold information. Users have the ability to generate field-specific scouting reports through provided data entry fields including weather/precipitation information, wind speed, pest pressure, etc. The app also allows the user to upload images to scouting report for better record keeping.

Customizable data fields allow the user to add comments and/or directives for the scouted field, and field mapping capabilities are included to allow users to map field, via GPS coordinates for accuracy in reporting.

Identified pests are automatically recorded on field map via GPS coordinates to help identify concentrated problem areas needing immediate attention. Scouting reports can be saved, stored and/or emailed to be shared or archived for reference in future crop years.