Vector Sprays

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USDA's Agricultural Research Center (ARS) has worked close with the Dept. of Defense’s Deployed Warfighter Protection Program (DWFP) to evaluate a number of sprayers used to spray pest control products. Using facilities at the U.S. Navy Entomology Center of Excellence, nearly 100 different sprayers have been tested for droplet size under various operational setups (nozzles, pressured, flowrates, spray solutions, etc.) Over the past several years, this data has been incorporated into an extensive database and the ARS has developed an app that leverages that database, providing users with a quick, easily searchable interface that returns droplet size data for the specified operational setup.

The database is structured such that users are requested to select specific operational parameters which including, company name, spray system, spray type, additive/insecticide, sprayer setting/nozzle, pressure, flow rate, and dilution.

Using the specified parameters, the app will provide droplet size results to the user. The results are time and date stamped and can be saved to the user’s device.